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Here it is, the bottle opener that you will never lose in your junk drawer…but why hell would you ever put it there??!! Powder coated for just about whatever you can throw at it…unless you are looking to start hammering nails…then you should have bought a hammer!

6″ long and 6oz, this one-piece, metal cast Halligan opener will always get the job done!!!

Looking for a unique groomsmen gift? Customize his Halligan bottle opener with engraving to add a personal touch and you’re squared away!

Perfect for: groomsmen gifts, anniversary gifts, Father’s Day gifts, birthday gifts, retirement gifts…we could keep going but you get the jist!

Did you know that Halligan Bottle Openers are awesome, customizable gifts!? From firefighter gifts, birthday gifts to groomsmen gifts and everything in between, we’ve got you covered!